Production Tips

  • Beyond the Beat

    Beyond the Beat Production Checklist

    Access Framingham would like to say a special THANKS to ALL volunteers and producers who make Beyond the Beat possible!
    Here is a downloadable list of tips from Production Coordinator Frank Morello that can make our experiences in the field reporting and filming easier and consistent!

  • Rule of Thirds

    Rule of Thirds

    The “Rule of Thirds” is the basic composition principle to follow for well balanced and interesting shots. The concept of the Rule of Thirds is to imagine breaking an image down into thirds horizontally and vertically.

  • Three Point Lighting

    Three Point Lighting

    Three point lighting is the classic set up, although modifications can be made depending on the location.

  • Video Production Requests

    White Balance for a Better Image

    White balance means color balance. It is a function which gives the camera a reference to “true white” – it tells the camera what the color white looks like.

  • audio cables coiled

    Over & Under Cable Coiling

    Over-Under cable coiling is a technique for winding up your cables and wires in a way that extends their longevity and reduces tangling, by working with the natural coil of the wire.

  • Access Framingham Teleprompter

    Writing for the Teleprompter

    Whether you are preparing an intro for a show you want to host, a public service announcement for an event or nonprofit organization you want to promote, or a promo for an upcoming program on AFTV, there are some key things to keep in mind as you prepare a script to load into the Teleprompter. 

  • Mouse and Keyboard

    Tips for Editing Video

    Editing a video and don't know where to start? We have some tips for you!