How To Safely Order Take-Out/Delivery During COVID-19 Outbreak

Useful tips on how to safely order food during an outbreak. Images and instructions courtesy of the City of Framingham. 

  • Maintain social distancing, six (6) feet apart, approximately within arm's length of one another when waiting in lines or check-out.

  • Request to keep the delivery contactless by having the courier leave your meal on your doorstep, front porch, lobby, etc.

  • Use contactless payment by paying online or by phone if possible, if exchanging credit card or cash, lay it on the takeout counter, avoid touching hands directly. 

  • Opt our of utensils from the restaurant. use your own kitchen utensils and dish ware. 

  • Avoid sharing utensils, food or drinks during this time.

  • Transfer the food from the packaging to a clean container in your kitchen. 

  • Wash your hands before you sit and enjoy your meal.

  • Discard packaging after you finished your meal, wipe your counters and wash your hands. 

Take Out Safety

Image and instructions provided by the City of Framingham.