Tips for Editing Video

  1. Simple Is Better

    Rather than finding the most complex, crazy looking graphics and titles for your video, sometimes just a simple stationary title is better. Obnoxious graphics that try to make the video “cooler,” actually end up detracting from the video itself.

  2. Limit Fancy Transitions

    Every video editing system is loaded with swirls, page wipes, exploding circles, spins and more. Refrain from using these habitually. They may fit the tone of the video once in a while, but repetitive use of them is just distracting.

  3. Change Up The Camera Angle

    While filming, it’s important to get as many shots as you can from a variety of angles. Even if you only have two angles to choose from, try to mix them together (creatively) to add some variety.

  4. Look Around For Inspiration

    Look around in movies, commercials, Youtube videos and other places for ideas. Maybe you saw a Youtube video with a cool sequencing of clips that you would like to try. Be creative, and the sky’s the limit.