Three Point Lighting

With our newer JVC card cameras, we have found they do not see well in low light situations. Staff and volunteers have defiantly benefited by bringing lights to shoots when possible. Three point lighting is the classic set up, although modifications can be made depending on the location. The three points of light are:

  • Key Light-This is your main light and should be off to the side of your subject at about 45 degrees. If you only have one light-this is it.
  • Fill Light-This is placed on the opposite side from the Key and is used to fill in the shadows created by the Key. It is usually of lower wattage, softer, or farther away.
  • Back Light-This is placed behind the subject to separate them from the background, reduce shadows, and highlight the subject. It can be the lowest wattage or smallest lamp.

We often will bring a big soft light and use it as a Key lamp to add some brightness to an image when we are on location.

Good Luck and Happy Shooting!