How to Post to the video Community Bulletin Board

The Community Bulletin Board is cablecast when no other programming is scheduled. You can use our web system to submit a message.

Important: Your message should be no more than 200 characters; with more than abut 200 characters, the text will be squeezed, and your message will be illegible on the screen. Don’t just upload a press release. Edit your message to a bulletin board item. Messages that are too long will not be accepted.

Use a font that is easily readable by the viewer. A thin, script-like font may work for a large heading, but not for the message body.

To add a message to the Community Bulletin Board:

  1. Click on this link: Front Door
  2. Log in with Username: webuser and Password: access
  3. After you’re logged in, click on Carousel
  4. Click on New Bulletin
  5. You will now see a list of templates.
  6. Move your mouse over each template to see a preview of the template on the right.
  7. Choose a template which will suit your needs. If you need an image, choose one with an image. If you need a lot of text space, plan accordingly.
  8. Click on your chosen template.
  9. Fill in each box with your message information.
  10. To see how your message will look, click on the magnifying glass  above the preview window.
  11. To update the preview, click the Update icon.
  12. After filling in the boxes, click the Spell Check icon .
  13. After spell-checking, click the Continue button.
  14. On this screen, choose the dates you would like your message to start and end. If you would like to your message to stay on, check “Until Manually turned off.”
  15. Click Finish at the bottom of the screen.
  16. You are now at a screen that says “You are about to add this bulletin to the system.” Click OK.
  17. You are done! You can either add another message or log out.

After approval by Access Framingham staff, your message will appear on the Community Bulletin Board in a day or so. Thank you for posting to the CBB!