Francesca Cerutti-Harris, Assistant Director

Francesca Cerutti-HarrisFrancesca Cerutti-Harris

Assistant Director

Francesca began her commitment to local access in Framingham as an intern with Cablevision in 1998, where she fell in love with the idea of community media.

After taking editing courses at UMASS Dartmouth as part of a multidisciplinary degree track in photography and sociology, she completed a certificate course at Connecticut School of Broadcasting. At CSB she was given the great advice to “go volunteer at your local studio for experience.” Her first completed program as a volunteer was The Melting Pot Cooks with Rosa Menard and Alicia Rena as hosts. It took months to edit, but through it she honed her editing skills and hung around enough so that she was eventually hired. The show went on for eight more years and more than 50 episodes.

Francesca worked at the Framingham studio through corporate changes to AT&T Broadband and Comcast. She made the transition to the new, non-profit Framingham Public Access Corporation in 2008 for a short while before leaving to have her second child, and to finish her degree in Communications from Framingham State University. She couldn’t stay away long, and she became part of the Board of Directors before returning to active duty as a part-time employee in 2010.

Francesca has been the lead teacher for several video camps in Ashland and Newton, and for the past 4 years has worked with 21st Century Afterschool programs in their summer program for “at risk” youth here at the studio. In 2012, Francesca led the first year of the AF-TV Summer Video Camp, which expanded in 2013 to the point that there was a waiting list for the program.

Here at Access Framingham, Francesca works closely with volunteers and interns, teaching basic video production and editing skills. Francesca directs and crews on many programs and produces material for The Framingham Beat. She has lived in Framingham since 1993 never more than 1.3 miles away from the studio through its 2 moves. She lives with her husband and two children.