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How Can They Show THAT on TV?

How Can They Show THAT on TV?

Community media is an electronic forum for free expression by the residents the center serves. Sometimes viewers say “There ought to be a law about what I saw on the station last night!” There IS a law: the First Amendment to...

AF-TV Truck Day

Truck Day!

Come see us at the Annual Framingham Public Library Truck Day, Saturday the 21st from 10am to 12noon. It takes place at the Pinefield Shopping Center parking lot adjacent to the McAuliffe Branch Library in Saxonville.  Kids can explore our truck,...

Rotary Auction Success

Hey all, Just wanted to thank EVERYONE that helped make the Rotary Auction a Success. It is a big shoot for FPAC every year, and it takes a lot teamwork with staff and volunteers to make it work. This year Greg...


Policies and Procedures

Many of our members received a letter in the mail this week, as a reminder to please fill out the Access User agreement.  Starting as soon as February 26th, we may pull programming that does not have the proper paperwork filled...

Santa in the Studio-This Sunday!

Santa in the Studio-This Sunday!

We will be starting with a reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, during which an adult can call in to sign up. Then AF-TV will call back so a child can talk to Santa LIVE!