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The Framingham Beat is a bi-weekly newsmagazine program produced as a community collaboration with AFTV members, staff, and interns covering events around Framingham. Watch the Framingham Beat to see stories about the people and activities in Framingham.

AFTV Wins 2017 Mass Creator Awards

MassAccess created the Mass Creator Awards to recognize the best that the creative community in the Commonwealth has to offer. This gala event was held at Venu Nightclub in Boston and attended by many MassAccess members, producers, vendors and Senator Joan...

National Public Radio (NPR) Shares Audio Tips

Whether you’re telling a story through television or radio, audio is a key component of the final product. If there’s no audio or bad audio, then the story suffers. National Public Radio (NPR) Training Production Specialist, Rob Byers, provides a blog...