AFTV Hosts MetroWest Nonprofit Network Smartphone Workshop

Smartphone Workshop Attendees Collaborate in Small Groups

Members of MetroWest Nonprofit Network attended the first of a three-part workshop on how to use smartphones to tell compelling, well-produced stories. Hosted by Access Framingham Television (AFTV), the workshop is lead by Boston television veteran and multiple New England Emmy Award winner, Bob Glover, who provided several audio and visual techniques and tools for participants to visually tell their organization’s story using only their smart phones.

The goal is to provide nonprofit organizations the opportunity to learn how to frame a shot, light a subject, capture b-roll and conduct an interview with a smartphone, so they can tell the community about their organization in an efficient and cost-effective way. As a result, the community can learn more about the organization’s valuable services and resources that are having a positive impact on people’s lives throughout the communities they serve.