AFTV Highlights Amazing Things Arts Center Event: Fugitive Stories

Fugitive Stories – Moth-Inspired True Stories Told Live AIRS on Access Framingham Television (AFTV). The theme is Tolerance.

According to Amazing Things Art Center, Fugitive Stories is an event that brings new and experienced storytellers together to challenge and delight us with this profoundly personal, accessible craft. Amazing Things Art Center brings Moth and Massmouth Slam winners from Greater Boston who prepare a five- to six-minute story on a theme. Featured storytellers are Kemp Harris, Finley Smith, and Katie Liesener, Massmouth’s 2016 Grand Champion and a Moth Grand Slam finalist, along with Framingham residents Reverend Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd and 14 year-old Furquaan Syed.

Performances will air on the following dates and times:

4/6 – 4:30pm, 4/7 – 12am*, 4/8 – 2:30pm, 4/11 – 12:30pm, 4/13 – 12:30am*, 4/16 – 11am

On the following channels: RCN – Channel 3, Comcast – Channel 9,  Verizon – Channel 43

Visit the AFTV website ( program schedule or the Video On Demand (VOD) library and search for “fugitive stories” to watch online at your convenience.

Thanks for watching!

* – (denotes strong language and content. time is scheduled for safe harbor hours on the channel.)